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> Gateway Server for DVB T, DVB-S and HDMI Streaming

> Web based gateway and management software

> Customisable portal, change images, icons, buttons and text

> Comprehensive and reliable middleware

> EPG (EIT) Pass Through (Electronic Program Guide)

> Teletex Pass Through

> Track PID Filtering

> EIT and XMLTV Converter

> CAM Support (DVB CI)


< Hotels and Guest Houses

< Cruise Ships, Cargo Ships, Oil Rigs

< Hospitals and Care Homes

< Schools, University Campuses and Accommodation

< Shopping Centres and Sports Stadiums

< Pubs, Clubs and Casinos

IPTV Gateway Server

The current hotel business environment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest's expectations for special care and personalized treatment are ever increasing. The hospitality & accommodation industry is challenged to recognize guests’ needs soon enough and fulfil these needs in the most professional manner.

Scion provide a superior hospitality IPTV system which represents a perfect tool for spoiling guests with easy to navigate menus and features that will satisfy any guest. While delivering a first class entertainment system, it offers the establishment additional revenue by providing software modules to access in house shopping, hotel services, facilities and more.

The IPTV Gateway Server captures live TV and radio channels from local cable, terrestrial and satellite and streams them over an IP network. Live content is decoded using industry standard PCI tuner cards and channels are encoded for multicast streaming. HDMI input cards are also used to accept signals from bespoke satellite receivers, players or cameras.

This method of live capture means the server is capable of streaming a limitless numbers TV and radio channels over a gigabit LAN.

Pre-recorded channels can also be streamed together with the live content to create in house information and facility video. These can be set as welcome channels or simply added to the program guide.

The IPTV Gateway supports multicast streaming, which is one of the most efficient forms of transmission. The bandwidth usage for the transmission of all streams is always the same, regardless of the number of users connected. It is a one to many system, where the streams are sent only once to all the specified clients on the IP network. At the same time, all clients access the same available streams on the IP network.

DVB-S Satellite Tuner Card

The DVB-S tuner card or DVB-S2 tuner card enables the reception of HDTV audio and video signals from satellites. Digital Devices GmbH provides a range of high quality DVB-S or DVB-S/S2 tuner cards and their accompanying accessories.

DVB-CT Cable and Terrestrial Tuner Card

The DVB-T tuner card or DVB-C tuner card enables the reception of HDTV audio and video signal from digital cable and digital terrestrial transmitters. Digital Devices GmbH provides a range of high quality DVB-C or DVB-T tuner cards and their accompanying accessories.

HDMI Input Card

Supporting 4 x HDMI inputs the HDMI card captures and encodes high definition video for streaming alongside the live content. This card supports resolutions up to 1080p/60Hz.

CI Module Card

The common interface expansion module enables communication between DVB cards and the CAM module, allowing encrypted live content to be streamed on a digital platform. The CI module can be connected directly to DVB cards using a ribbon cable or PCIe bridge.

IPTV Set Top Box

The STB ensures high quality video services due to direct encoding on the STB’s chipset. Video signals are delivered to the television in the exact same quality over the IT network as captured from the video signal source.

Based on the very latest Android 5.1. the STB is exceptional in following characteristics:

Built-in WIFI access point (there is no need for additional access point devices),

POE (Power Over Ethernet).

Native video player (enables UDP (multicast) and RTSP transmission of video content, player communicates directly with the chipset preserving the high quality video and enables very fast procession of the video).

Housed in a small aluminium case with an elegant design.

Front panel IR window and Extended IR cable

OTT Essential Features

Based on OTT technology, the most popular web-generated content can be brought to the TV screens, standalone or combined with live TV programmes or video on demand content. The best known OTT services are various web video rental services and the popular YouTube, Picassa, Netflix or Facebook.

Wi-Fi Access Point

With embedded Wi-Fi, the STB TV communicator can be turned into a WIFI access point. Thus just one multi-purpose device could be installed in the room to serve all the requested communication needs.

Management and Integration

Features on the STB can be managed and updated remotely, which drastically reduces the costs of interventions. At the same time, the STB system can be integrated with other in-room services, such as telephony, smart room system or Internet access.

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