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SC07.0404  - 4 x 4 HDMI Matrix (HDBaseT) over CAT5, 70m


The 4 x 4 HDMI to HDBaseT™ matrix distributes four Ultra HD Video sources to four screens up to 70m over CAT5e/6 cable. The matrix uses HDBaseT™ technology providing a robust and versatile solution for any professional AV installation. A choice of matrix is available, both with PoE and options for CEC control and mirrored HDMI outputs. They support resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 and incorporates individual port EDID for enhanced communication. Routed and B-Directional Infra-Red is available for all ports allowing for both screen control and source control.

Remote diagnostics lets you login and check common user problems before going to site. These include IR interference, CAT5 cable problems, HDBaseT performance and checking connected devices to see if they are switched on/off, set to correct input etc. The units have several control methods for all types of system installations including RS232, TCP/P and Web Browser.

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SC07.0404    4 x 4 HDMI Matrix (HDBaseT), 70m

Pulse-Eight Code: P8-HDBT-L-FFMB44-KIT

SC07.1404    4 x x HDMI Matrix (HDBaseT), 70m

Pulse-Eight Code: P8-HDBT-L-FFMS44-22-KIT

These matrix systems are supplied in kit form which includes all 4 x receivers and IR transmit and receiver cables. 1 x Infra-Red remote is provided for system setup and additional handsets can be ordered separately.

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