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PRO-1000  - 16 x 16 Video Matrix over CAT5

The Scion PRO-1000 matrix switches any one of sixteen inputs to any one of 16 outputs simultaneously. Using standard CAT5/5e/6 cable each ports is capable of transmitting up to 300m without signal loss.

Input selection is made from the remote end using the Scion TV remote or global switching can be achieved via RS232. Each port has routed IR pass-through for controlling the source devices from the remote end.

Outputs are increased buy stacking chassis and looping RS232 for complete control.

Applications include: Hotels, marine, commercial and residential environments.


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Scion Infra-Red Remote Control

Single Infra-Red Emitter

Receiver - Scart Plug

Transmitter - Scart Plug

Receiver - RCA Phono Socket

Transmitter - RCA Phono Socket

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